Our Story

CASENNE mainly sells some innovated and practical household goods. Those practical items may never come to your mind before or you even have no idea what they are. But, the moment when you use them, you may find that they definitely have a huge impact on your daily life and you are very happy to recommend or share these amazingly practical items with families or friends as well.

For example, nail scissors. I guess you definitely use it before, right? Generally, we often open the balcony or cut it to trash can in order to avoid the nail falling on the floor. But, I feel very uncomfortable or not relaxed at all. Until one day I found an awesome nail scissor attached with a box that can store the nails. I can cut my nails while enjoying the bathtub.

See, it totally changed my life behavior due to this small creation. There are so many examples like this. These inconspicuous items but its small creative idea brings great convenience to my family and I. Based on this, we create CASENNE. We gathered all these creative and practical products for you. We promise you will be amazed by what you will explore on CASENNE!

We provide the best experience for home living products with the most appealing price. Come & Explore. You will be surprised by what you are going to see.